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Exercise is good for you!

But this is the only kind of exercise I thought possible or desirable when I was first diagnosed...   Not very helpful!  But then, like so many people, I'd been told that pharma was the answer, that pain was pain and that the pain caused by my condition could be “killed” by pills. Sad, but true.  Even sadder is the fact that there are still so many people in that leaky boat. Because, about fifteen years ago, the SS Pharma set its course for one hell of an iceberg - neuroscience. Now, all those years later, not only do we understand pain better, we realise there's so much we - the patients - can do to actively manage how we feel. We understand that the drugs we've been taking can actually make things worse - not just in terms of harmful side-effects, but in actually making pain sensations worse.  And "exercise" (or movement, or becoming active) is one of those things that can help. And help enormously. Ironically, it was the first thing I stopped when my own condit

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